by Miriam Tamar

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Miriam Tamar

Fusion vocalist and songwriter Miriam Tamar creates empowering, expansive soundscapes that journey through the intense colors and vibrant rhythms of world culture. Her songs mingle the vivid textures of alt pop, R&B, electronic, folk, dance and world music that reflect her travels around the globe and the emotional journeys she has taken. In her recordings and live performances, Miriam’s otherworldly voice dips beneath and floats above sparkling instrumental layers. By mixing contagious melodies and harmonies with bold beats and personal lyrics about the love, sorrow, joy and hope that connects humanity, she inspires others to be courageous and explore the magic of unexpected, energizing experiences that push them beyond borders. Miriam incorporates the instruments of both the western and eastern world into her music, which reflects her passion for cultural exchange and chronicles her own evolution as a conscious artist and passionate humanitarian.

Her latest EP, Firedance features four thought-provoking tracks about the power of metamorphosis and the universal quest to find a sense of meaning even in the midst of chaos. The collection integrates diverse elements such as world fusion instrumentation, percussion and chanting structures in order to express Miriam’s own on-going transformation and the ties to issues of social justice and her belief in global citizenry. 

She is currently working on a live studio session of the EP and on a video for the title track. Firedance will be available in early 2017.


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